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Arrive at the door step of Arjuza directly from the Airport or else you may choose to be accompanied to the farmhouse from Mgarr Harbour in Gozo.

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Car hire is highly recommended. We can arrange for you all car hiring services.

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There are loads of things that may be performed whilst visiting Gozo such as diving, sight-seeing, hiking, cultural visits, short boat trips and lots more. Tell us your interests and we will help you achieve your dreams.


Let us recommend you some of the mouth watering restaurants on the island.


Gozo boasts of the best unspoilt beaches of the Maltese Archipelago, having crystal clear clean sea water and diverse natural settings. The water is warm for most of the year – perfect for swimming, snorkelling, diving or just splashing about. Gozo has two beautiful red sandy beaches Ramla l-Hamra and San Blas with ample space for games and sand castles, as well as a couple of smaller yellow-sandy shores at Marsalforn and Xlendi. There are also plenty of good rocky beaches such as Xwejni and Qbajjar which are two shallow bays right next to each other, with small pebbly beaches and rocky stretches leading into clear blue waters.
Historic Sights
Native tradition and certain ancient Greek historians such as Euhemerus and Callimachus maintain that Gozo is in fact the island Homer described as Ogygia, home of the nymph Calypso in the Odyssey. It is believed that Calypso’s Cave overlooks the glorious red sands of Gozo's finest beach, Ramla l-Ħamra. Links with Homer are intriguing and the views of the picturesque Ramla Bay are breathtaking.
Gozo has several museums containing some fascinating exhibits that is extraordinary for such a small island. From 5000-year-old artefacts to contemporary art, Gozo’s museums and galleries should appeal to the visitor’s tastes in one way or another. A cluster of museums are found at the Citadel in Ir-Rabat (Victoria). These include the Cathedral Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Gozo Nature Museum, the Museum of Archaeology and the Old Prison. Other locations that are spread around the villages have varied subjects that range from art and crafts, religion and folklore, to toys and geology.
Gozo boasts of some of the best diving sites in the Mediterranean. There are dive spots suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to experienced divers looking for a new challenge. The warm temperatures that do not drop below 13oC, the excellent visibility combined with spectacular underwater landscapes provide the right conditions for an unforgettable experience that is possible all year round. Diving attractions are quite diverse and include purposely submerged wrecks as well as natural underwater caves, arches and tunnels.
Local Feasts
Deeply rooted in tradition, every village organizes a festival in the form of a religious feast centred about the village patron. Enthusiastic villagers take the challenge to decorate the village streets with flags, banners and festoons. Papier-mâché statues and figurative allegories are aligned along the pavements while intricately designed luminaires hang across buildings. Parish churches are decorated with the finest damasks, crystal chandeliers and artistic silverware. The village band plays traditional Maltese marches along the main through fares while fire works are being let off. Catherine wheels are normally lit on the eve of the festa day.
There are plenty of Restaurants in Gozo, serving a fairly wide range of dishes including pasta, pizza, seafood, meat and salads. Many have tables al fresco and can get quite busy during the cool summer nights.One of the best things about eating out in Gozo is the friendly service. Generally it’s almost homely, most times it’s quick and handsome too. Be sure to try one on the many tasty local dishes available on the island. For the occasional snack, most local bars serve 'Pastizzi' - flaky pastry parcels filled with ricotta cheese or peas and 'Ħobż biz-zejt' - freshly baked crusty Maltese bread, spread with kunserva (tomato paste), fresh tomatoes, olives and capers.